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FACE MASK – new product

Face masks designed to be stylish, assuming this is possible. But above all comfortable and practical.

Made in cotton, double thickness and washable as advised by the experts.

After listening to nurses and those wearing masks I have designed a mask that does not rely on your ears to secure them. I have kept the small metal element on the bridge of your nose to shape the mask around your nose and under your glasses. This reduces the steaming up effect that makes the reading of prices in the supermarket so difficult.

In the trials I have done I have found the mask useful tucked partly in the neck of my jumper ready for use. I need to greet people entering my workshop or getting on public transport. I do not want to be fumbling in my handbag looking for my mask then trying to fit it over both ears with one free hand.

The fabrics I have selected are soft and easy to wash. I am getting use to wearing a mask as more of us are doing this and feeling less like I am an extra on a film set for a hospital drama.

I have used viscose in some masks this is derived from pine trees and has very similar properties to cotton.

I am selling them in packs of two – please email me if you want to buy larger quantities.

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