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William Morris Skirt

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William Morris was born in 1834. He was one of the great famous Victorians, known for his work as a textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and social Activist. He is associated with the start of the Arts and Crafts Movement in England and the revival of the British Textile Arts and methods of production. When I trained in the late 1970’s in London, his work exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum had a significant effect on my own design work. Now many, many years later I live on the other side of the world, decades later and I still value his work. I found a wonderful book in the Founders Park Annual used book sale –  ‘William Morris the Designer’ by Ray Watkinson. It was a great find as it illustrated many of William Morris’s developmental sketches for wall paper and printed textiles.

William Morris’s developmental sketch for the Blue Bell Chintz was my starting point for this design. I studied the photograph by making drawings in pen and ink, brush and ink and charcoal over corrugated card.  I finally set to and collaged all the drawings and a new less formal design emerged. The story of how I developed this design has been filmed by Daniel Allen and can be found on the first page of my website.

Available in colours Red, Grey, Beige, Lipstick Pink.  Sage green and Moss Green has sold out and no longer available.

Not sure about which shape or size is for you, there is more information on this page or contact me if you need help with making a choice.

This skirt like all the MADCAT skirts, is made of a stretch woven fabric for comfort. The narrow non stretch cotton waistband is secured closed by a hook and eye, hand sewn on by me in each and every skirt. The centre back invisible zip has a fabric fly piece. This is so the zip does not touch your skin as the glue at the base of a zip can be irritating to sensitive skins. I also like that when I am closing the zip it does not snag my underwear. The MADCAT ribbon label is set into the inside of the waistband so that you can use the label as a hook, especially when travelling and there are no coat hangers available in your room.

The yarn content of the skirts is 75%viscose (pine tree wood pulp), 21% nylon and 4% lycra.

Skirt Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water. Do not mix reds and dark coloured skirts with other washing as the dye is shed dramatically in the first wash. This does not change the colour of the skirt in any way. Skirts can be washed in front loading washing machines on the wool programme. Line dry inside out on sunny days or spin dry and place on a radiator/ heated towel rail. Skirts can be dry cleaned as delicate.  Use a cool iron to press.  The fabric puffs up when it becomes wet and returns to flat when dry. Do not iron when wet.

Read my returns policy to put your mind at ease.
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3 reviews for William Morris Skirt

  1. Sarah

    Love my skirt Jill, thank you for altering at such short notice. It’s so comfortable and I get lots of great comments when I wear it

  2. Zoe Bowler

    Love this design! Thank you Jill for the speedy delivery, it looks amazing on.

  3. Lara Franklin

    This was my first Madcat skirt which I bought two or three years ago from Jill at the Nelson Markets one Saturday. I love the design and whenever I wear it I usually get a comment on it. All of Jill’s designs make her skirts works of art, they are timeless pieces and it’s great to wear something designed and made in NZ.

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