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Daisy Chain Skirt

5.0 (7 reviews)




I am very fond of daisy flowers. I have them in my garden in many different varieties. These particular daisies grow into a bush shape with fine blue green leaves. They are easy to take cuttings from so they spring up everywhere. Their perfectly delicate white petal flower heads with yellow centres bloom all year round. I made drawings of these daisies in the spring last year. I held them in my left hand and made fine line ink drawings of the flower heads from different angles. I photocopied my pages of drawings so that I had a desk full of daisy heads. At this stage I remembered the daisy chains my sister and I made when we cleared the lawn of daisy flowers before they were chopped off by the grass cutting mower. We were probably aged 8 and 10 about then. I thought of when we pulled the petals off the daisy flower heads and chanted, “He loves me he loves me not”. If we didn’t get the result we wanted we pulled apart another flower head.

This design is all about these daisy chains and the quotes we have about the daisy flower. There is a saying about a daisy not being a rose so I slipped in a drawing of an open flowered rose. I have imagined the light hitting the rows of daisies from one side and so I set shadows into the drawing to make it look like chains of flower heads hanging from the waistband of the skirt. I enjoyed researching the quotes we have about the daisy flower and what it might be like to be a daisy. I hope if your day is not getting off to a good start, you can read the messages on your skirt and let it brighten your day.

Available in colours Burnt Orange, Grey, Red, Purple, Beige and Lipstick Pink.

Not sure about which shape or size is for you, there is more information on this page or contact me if you need help with making a choice.


This skirt like all the MADCAT skirts, is made of a stretch woven fabric for comfort. The narrow non stretch cotton waistband is secured closed by a hook and eye, hand sewn on by me in each and every skirt. The centre back invisible zip has a fabric fly piece. This is so the zip does not touch your skin as the glue at the base of a zip can be irritating to sensitive skins. I also like that when I am closing the zip it does not snag my underwear. The MADCAT ribbon label is set into the inside of the waistband so that you can use the label as a hook, especially when travelling and there are no coat hangers available in your room.

The yarn content of the skirts is 75%viscose (pine tree wood pulp), 21% nylon and 4% lycra.

Skirt Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water. Do not mix reds and dark coloured skirts with other washing as the dye is shed dramatically in the first wash. This does not change the colour of the skirt in any way. Skirts can be washed in front loading washing machines on the wool programme. Line dry inside out on sunny days or spin dry and place on a radiator/ heated towel rail. Skirts can be dry cleaned as delicate.  Use a cool iron to press.  The fabric puffs up when it becomes wet and returns to flat when dry. Do not iron when wet.

Read my returns policy to put your mind at ease.

Price includes post or courier.

7 reviews for Daisy Chain Skirt

  1. jill

    Hi Jill thanks so much for sending the skirt, orange with daisy chain. Today is my first time wearing and feeling fabulous! Very comfy. regards Maree from Pukekohe

  2. Sylvia Wesney

    A treasured item in my winter and summer wardrobe – easy to wear and care for. Excellent value

  3. Jocelyn

    Awesome skirts. Always something new.
    Love ?

  4. Alison

    I love both my MADCAT skirts. Today I wore my lipstick pink Daisy Chain skirt when I did a day of relief teaching. Just getting back into it after 6 weeks in France. And I was greeted by a colleague who raved over over my skirt. “How beautiful! I can see you bought that in France!” Well no, the Nelson Market, in fact! But just as stylish as anything I saw in France. ?

  5. Patricia Greenhough

    I bought a fantail skirt and loved it so much I bought the straight lipstick pink daisy chain one the next week. The fabric has so much stretch that I can wear it climbing up our hill with ease. I love the fit, the brightness and the easy care of these skirts.

  6. Mandy Simpson (verified owner)

    Having owned a madcat skirt for years I just came back and bought another two. They are so easy to wear and beautiful – everyone comments on them. Jill was super helpful – even changing the delivery address at the last minute for me. She sent the first skirt off straightaway and emailed to update me on when the second would be sent. Both skirts were with me within a week. Thanks so much Jill – both for making them and for your great customer service.

    • jill

      Thanks Mandy for such a lovely review

  7. Lara Franklin (verified owner)

    I now own x4 Madcat skirts and they are all great. My hot pink daisy chain skirt is great for those days where you feel like a pop of colour. The material has a slight stretch in it and it is so comfortable to wear. Jill is fantastic at communicating and letting you know when your order is on its way.

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