All unworn standard stock MADCAT garments can be exchanged for any other product, size, design or colour. Made-to-measure skirts can be altered until you are happy with the fit but can not be exchanged.

MADCAT skirts requiring alteration need to be sent back to us at your expense, but we do not charge you for courier/post when your garment is returned to you.

If your skirt arrives and it is TOO BIG

If you can bunch a thumb nails length (2cm) on the double fabric of the side seam at the waist and the hip (20cm/8″ below the true waist )┬áto make the skirt fit, then you need a size smaller.

If only the waist or the hips are too big then please use dressmaking pins to make the skirt fit before returning it for alteration. Ideally take your skirt in on the side seams but if this is difficult just take it in anywhere and we will work it out. There is an $18 alteration fee for changing the waist band but no fee for an alteration to the hip line.

If your skirt waist is TOO SMALL

If you order a stock standard size and the waist is too tight please call us and we will talk you through what can be done.

If your skirt arrives and it’s the wrong length

You can return it and we will make you another skirt and send it to you. This service takes a week plus postage/courier time. There is no additional charge for this with stock or standard size MADCAT skirts if you wish to go shorter, or lengthen between up to 15 cm. Any longer than this, please email Jill for a quote.

Customer satisfaction is important to us

If you order through our made-to-measure service there is usually no additional charge for alterations.