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NZ Fish Skirt

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I really can’t remember why I decided to make a screen print of fish drawings. I have only been fishing once in my life and I have never caught a fish but I do enjoy eating them. I selected only photographs of fish that reside in New Zealand waters to make drawings from. I wanted my drawings to be a similar size to the fish in real life. This unfortunately selected out a lot of our larger fish species. I made a further selection of fish to only include those with interesting patterns on their bodies and worked in detail with a fine line pen from these photographs. I think I even saw faces and expressions in some of the fish faces. John Dory is definitely a grumpy old man. The fish skirt is most popular with my Wellington based customers – I have not come up with any logical reason for this.

When I edited and reduced the size of the fish drawings, I had in mind cushions for the bach or the boat so you could identify what you had caught. This promptly turned into a print for mens T shirts and  since then I have made further drawings for the fish T shirt.

Available in limited colours please e mail me before you order.


This skirt like all the MADCAT skirts, is made of a stretch woven fabric for comfort. The narrow non stretch cotton waistband is secured closed by a hook and eye, hand sewn on by me in each and every skirt. The centre back invisible zip has a fabric fly piece. This is so the zip does not touch your skin as the glue at the base of a zip can be irritating to sensitive skins. I also like that when I am closing the zip it does not snag my underwear. The MADCAT ribbon label is set into the inside of the waistband so that you can use the label as a hook, especially when travelling and there are no coat hangers available in your room.

The yarn content of the skirts is 75%viscose (pine tree wood pulp), 21% nylon and 4% lycra.

Skirt Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water. Do not mix reds and dark coloured skirts with other washing as the dye is shed dramatically in the first wash. This does not change the colour of the skirt in any way. Skirts can be washed in front loading washing machines on the wool programme. Line dry inside out on sunny days or spin dry and place on a radiator/ heated towel rail. Skirts can be dry cleaned as delicate.  Use a cool iron to press.  The fabric puffs up when it becomes wet and returns to flat when dry. Do not iron when wet.

Read my returns policy to put your mind at ease.
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3 reviews for NZ Fish Skirt

  1. Paula

    Just love this skirt … the drawings remind me of the fun times, going fishing as a family.

  2. Sarah

    Thanks Jill. My new favourite skirt, I get so many comments from friends and strangers. I bought the red so it’s a bold colour and a striking design. I’m coming back for the Peacocks next! Love the stretchy fabric, despite being a straight skirt it makes it so easy to move in, sit down, drive in it. I even cycle to work in it!

  3. Inga Cotton

    I have 3 skirts and have many compliments whenever I wear them. Love the colours and designs. Made to meaure is a plus.

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