MADCAT is the vision of designer Jill Alexander.

The MADCAT label is focused on Jill’s distinctive hand-printed textiles made into two different skirt designs.

MADCAT garments can be purchased online here.


MADCAT skirts are pieces of unique textile artwork that you will love to wear. They feature Jill Alexander’s original illustrations, hand-printed onto fabric and are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. They require little maintenance and are tailored to fit your figure. Each design is available in a range of colours and there are 2 basic shapes; flared or straight. The flared cut suits those with a fuller hip to waist measurement and the straight skirts are cut close to the hip size and more suited to those with a straighter waist to hip shape.

Visit the online store here.

MADCAT skirts are made in four UK/NZ standard sizes and can also be made to measure (see below):

Small usual size 8-10 (USA 6-8); length 58cm

Medium usual size 12-14 (USA 10-12); length 60cm

Large usual size 16 (USA 14); length 62-63cm

Rubens usual size 18 (USA 16); length 62-63cm

The length can be adjusted free of charge if you wish to go shorter, or lengthen up to 15 cm. Any longer than this, please email Jill for a quote.

They are designed to withstand New Zealand wear; as a garment that lasts through a busy day, is practical, fits well and has some stretch for comfort. The fabric content includes viscose, nylon and lycra so skirts are comfortable to wear and suitable for an active lifestyle. A MADCAT skirt can take you from task to task with just a change of shoes to complete your image.

A range is available for you to try on at the MADCAT studio located in the Old Anchor Inn building at Founders Historic Park, Atawhai Drive, Nelson. You can also find MADCAT skirts at the Nelson Saturday market, weather permitting.

A made-to-measure service is also available; simply email Jill and she will talk you through how to take your measurements. Jill will then cut a pattern for your body size (this incurs a one-off cost of $25) and then tailor-make your skirt for the standard skirt price. This is part of the MADCAT service.

As we do not mass produce our skirts the designs will change occasionally, so think of them as limited editions. Printed on tables on the veranda of the old Victorian Villa in Founders Heritage Park (on sunny days) as ‘placement prints’ ensures there is never a print in an inappropriate place and maximises the efficiency of the cloth. This type of printing is unique and cannot be done by machines so it is very unlikely you will find another woman with the same skirt.

The MADCAT label is known for its high quality workmanship and finish. For the last 15 years, the attention to detail of the design and fit have been well appreciated by new and loyal customers alike.


Visit me at the Nelson Saturday market or at my workshop in Founders Heritage Park Nelson.


Email me to buy a skirt and pay by credit card over the phone.