Puss Puss Corsets

corsets bridal wearThe corset is an investment that pays off time after time. So versatile, it can be worn in many ways adding a new dimension to your existing wardrobe. A corset worn with tailored trousers, a white shirt and a suit jacket is fashionable daywear and the same corset worn with a wide neck t shirt and jeans is perfect for an evening BBQ. When you are choosing a bridal or evening gown you may not have considered a corset, but it is worth trying one on just to experience the impact this versatile garment can make on your figure. Wearing one of my corsets can be comfortable and improves your posture, although naturally they do restrict in some movements and are not recommended during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

As a fashion designer with a sound knowledge of costume history I have selected three different silhouettes/styles, Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabeth and tailored these to fit the shape of the contemporary woman.

There is a range of sumptuous, decadent fabrics to choose from within my workshop to ensure each corset is a unique piece, tailored exclusively for you.

victorian wedding dressVictorian

The Victorian corset, when tight laced, achieves the ideal Victorian silhouette by reducing your waist size by up to 5cm.  It supports your back, promoting an upright posture whilst providing significant breast uplift for all cup sizes without the need for shoulder straps.  There are three choices of front fastenings (busks) available; narrow sprung steel, wide sprung steal and the spoon busk that curves over the tummy.  The rest of the corset is supported with coiled steel bones.

I also make a selection of different chemises to be worn under this corset, to cover the tops of the breasts, for formal occasions.

Priced from: $450 dependent on fabric choice


The Edwardian corset can be made with either full or the traditional half cups.   Longer than the Victorian, this corset has a narrow busk front opening which was traditionally made with whalebone supports which are now replaced with a manmade alternative.  This corset promotes a close fitting torso without an extreme emphasis on the waist. The Edwardian corset is suited to A & B cup sizes. A chemise is only necessary with the half cup design.

Priced from: $800, dependent on fabric choice


The Elizabethan corset has shoulder straps and was worn in medieval times through to the Elizabethan era.  During this era the desired body shape was flattened breasts that peeped above the neckline, a clinched waist and fuller hips. This corset does not traditionally have a front opening and does not require undergarments.  It looks beautiful with a shrug style jacket.

The Elizabethan corset is heavily boned with vertical, diagonal and horizontal topstitched channels resulting in your very own exquisite, unique piece of needle art.

Priced from: $800, dependent on fabric choice.