Puss Puss Corsets

corsets bridal wearCorsets are incredibly versatile garments which can be worn either as a traditional undergarment or as a modern visible fashion accessory. Our experience as fashion designers means we are able to make four different styles, each available in five standard sizes and made-to-measure. Our corsets are based upon traditional styles and are exquisitely tailored to fit the shape of today’s woman.

victorian wedding dressThe Victorian

This corset typically reduces your waist size by 5cm when laced correctly. It supports the bust, looks good in all cup sizes and does not require shoulder straps. Two busk (stiffening strip) front options are available. Choose between a wide opening with the option of coiled steel bones (circa 1860s), or an adventurous ‘spoon’ busk front that curves over the tummy. A chemise can be worn under this corset to cover the tops of the breasts for more modest ocassions.

The Edwardian

Made with either full or half cups the Edwardian-style corset is made in a traditional way but with the addition of breast gusset panels. Longer than the Victorian, it has a narrow busk front opening with nylon bones. This corset provides a close fitting torso without an emphasis on your waist. More suited to A & B cup sizes. Wearing a chemise underneath is only necessary with the half cup design.

The 1770

This corset shape was typically common in medieval times and also right through to Elizabethan and Regency times. Exquisitely hand-made with attention to detail of the fashion of the time, the 1770 is heavily boned with vertical, diagonal & horizontal channels – this level of detailing results in quite a work or art! This corset is designed to moderately compress the torso, flattening and rounding the silhouette from bust to waist. To be historically correct this corset has no front opening and does not require any undergarments (most suited for a smaller busted woman).

The 1910

This is our newest design and finishes just under the bust. This corset is designed with a narrow front busk opening and elastic panels, reaching past the hips to the top of your legs. It will provide your figure with a longer length typical of the silhouette featured in the hit TV costume drama Downtown Abbey. Of course, it will need to be worn together with a bra or chemise!

The corset is an investment that pays off time after time. So versatile, it can be worn in many ways adding a new dimension to your existing wardrobe. A corset worn with tailored trousers, a white shirt and a suit jacket is fashionable office wear. The same corset worn with a wide neck t shirt and jeans is perfect for an evening BBQ. When you are choosing a bridal or evening gown you may not be considering a corset, but it is worth trying one on just to see the impact this versatile garment can make to your figure. Wearing a corset is comfortable and improves posture, although you are restricted in some movements.

Wearing a corset is not recommended during pregnancy.

Elegant Evening Wear

Our evening wear pieces are typically designed around the corset shape. They are made in beautiful fabrics and decorated on the outside to be noticed; you will look elegant and be fashionable. We select and recommend the corset that will be most suited to your figure from the many different sizes and styles we have. We then create the perfect gown by drawing you a series of designs of coordinating garments, taking your corset choice into an entire outfit. Together we can select from the large range of decadently beautiful fabrics we have in stock, available in many different colours and designs. Fabrics can be over layered with lace and embroidered creating unique textile pieces. With so many styles to choose from you will have a unique stunning outfit. Heads will turn!